Video and Audio

I am an experienced video producer and audio engineer. Here are some samples.

Audiobook – When Songbirds Returned to Paris

I recorded, edited, composed the music, and served as the primary narrator for this nationally published audiobook. The following is a sample.

Music Production – pop duo

I recorded, edited and mastered a 16-song album for an impromptu pop duo in the summer of 2010. Here is a sample song.

Livestream event

I planned, produced and engineered this livestream event for a Pullman-based vocal teacher. She needed a way to hold her annual summer recital while complying with CDC social distancing recommendations. I created this hybrid event – musical numbers were sent as pre-recorded, but each performer was interviewed live by the vocal teacher.

Marketing Video

I wrote, shot and edited this “run and gun” marketing video for a theatrical production.

Drone samples

I shot this video with my DJI drone and edited the clips to produce this sample reel.

Marketing video – timelapse

I shot, edited and wrote the music for this timelapse marketing video for a theatrical production. (I also designed and directed this production.)